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Shotred 19th Apr 2018, 3:39 PM edit delete
As the girls look for a place to eat, we see a mysterious blue hooded elf bumping into Daphne talking all of their gold. Let's hope the girls are not hurting for money as they go to get some food.

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GUEST 20th Apr 2018, 10:09 PM edit delete reply
Good drawings since there is nothing else to comment about.....unless you are including that elf thief in your comic.....if not....no comment.By that I mean will they go after her to get the money back. etc. etc, etc...sheesh.
Do I have to explain everything?...sheesh.
Creeperclaw 21st Apr 2018, 9:35 AM edit delete reply
Now how do you not get suspicious when someone bumps into you and walks away?
Should have let Nina hold hold it.